This is the list of all articles and works on hardware repairs, upgrades and other jobs.  The category includes computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and external peripherals.

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Hard drive data recovery

This customer replaced his desktop computer as his older desktop died. He asked me if I could recover his files. This work is easier than it looks. It is a matter of accessing the hard drive and connecting it to a different computer. Of course if you don’t feel comfortable to do it yourself, please give me a ring and I’ll arrange that for you.

Asus VivoBook X5556U

Another work this week: reparing a keyboard of an Asus VivoBook which has some keys not responding. The customer admitted that water has been spilt on it. Investigation First things first, I checked whether it was a hardware or software issue, the second being cheaper. Unfortunately, the water must have done some damage. Let’s order a new keyboard. Less than £20 for a new one. This laptop, second hand, is worth more than £150 at the time of this post. Definitely worth changing. Replacement To access the keyboard, the laptop needs to be put apart. Once the motherboard is removed, the shell part with the keyboard and touchpad can be accessed. The keyboard is replaced with a new one then all the laptop is reassembled… Read More »Asus VivoBook X5556U

Hardware Upgrade of the HP Mini 210-1100

You might remember the little HP netbook a friend let me worked on to speed it up? It turns out that it is not satisfactory for my friend. She was okay with Xubuntu but the netbook was still too slow and it became frustrating for her to use it. After discussing with her, she agreed for an hardware upgrade. Upgrading the hardware The RAM Module was of 1GB. It might seem enough but the minimum requirement for Windows 10 is already 2GB. This is the minimum requirement and would not provide the best user experience. You can see me replacing it on the picture The hard drive was an Hitachi with capacity of 160GB running at 7200 RPM. Not bad but nothing in speed compare… Read More »Hardware Upgrade of the HP Mini 210-1100

Replacing camera on a laptop

Changing camera on Dell Studio 1749

On this Dell Studio 1749 Laptop, the camera sends back a black picture. This can happen when the camera is dead. Not a problem, let’s replace it! To access the camera we either open up completely the laptop, remove the screen part by unscrewing the hinges then take the front bezel apart or we just unclip the top part of the front bezel. After replacing the camera it is time to test it. Windows 10 comes with a camera app, which makes the test easier. Working! Another job done! Do you have a camera to replace too? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Setting up an email address on a new computer

A friend got his new computer last week. As others would, he struggled to access his email address back on the Windows Mail App. Not a problem, I went to his place yesterday and we logged on his computer. Steps we undertook that he could access his personal and charity email addresses: Go on each webmail portal Reset his passwords with the security questions (he didn’t remember his passwords) Go on Windows Mail App Add the 2 email accounts (one on POP/IMAP settings the other with Windows Exchange) Check that both accounts do synchronise perfectly on the app As extra, I set up his charity portal webpage as a shortcut on his Windows Task Bar and the Start Menu and set up his both email… Read More »Setting up an email address on a new computer