mSATA SSD failure on a HP Folio 13

We collected the laptop of this customer’s wife who complained about a warning message regarding the drive urging to make a backup of the data.

After a quick look, I could confirm the message straight after booting the device. This means to replace the drive as soon as possible.

We discussed with the customer to agree for the repair, replacing the drive and migrating all the data from the old drive to the new one. Also the laptop was running on Windows 7 which its end of support is due in few months. This means to upgrade the laptop to Windows 10.

Once the work and the price were agreed, we started the work. First replacing the mSATA drive. The old drive was in bad enough condition that no cloning or backup could be created. We managed to rescue all the software licences and the personal files to minimise the damage.


Finally the work being, we brought the laptop back to the customer, showing what was done and reviewing together the last few settings.

The customer gave a positive feedback for the work done, having a laptop running back to normal.

Do you also have a drive issue with your device? Whether it is a modern SSD or a traditional hard drive, contact us before it is too late.