Tablet and Smartphone Services

We offer repairs, services and tuition for mobile devices. We work on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets and Microsoft Surface Pro.

Mobile devices are by default protected against virus. Apps being centrally managed in the app stores, locked operating systems and other features prevents many unfortunate experiences. However it does not remove all risks. The best protection is how you use your device. But if you want to have a rest of mind, you may consider to get an antivirus on your device.

Before giving or selling your iPhone, iPad or other smartphones and tablets, it is important to reset it that the next person does not get access to your accounts, photos, etc. Resetting your device may also fix some technical issues.

Hardware replacement

It is extremely common to break the screen of our tablets or phones. One bad fall and it smashes in pieces. Due to the size of the part and the process of assembly, these kind of repairs can be very difficult.

More and more devices have a fragile glass back. This can break too. With the cameras and other sensors attached to it, it is another difficult repair to do.

If one of these scenarios is your case, contact us to discuss.


The good thing with smartphones and tablets, the software upgrades are a lot easier. You get a notification, press yes, and it does the job on its own…most of the time. While most do not need help with upgrading their iPhone or other smartphone, if you find it too difficult or do not feel confident to upgrade your iPhone, Android Phone or other smartphone you own, please contact us.

Is your device not supported anymore and does not receive updates? There might be solutions for that. Please let us know the maker and model of your phone and we will check what are the options for you.