Computer Services

We provide a wide range of computer services. From hardware upgrades to virus removal, through software installation and upgrades, broken hardware replacement, booting issue fixing, etc. We work on PC (Windows and Linux) and Mac.

Do you have something going wrong on your computer but you do not know what is it? Get in touch, we are here for that. We will replace or upgrade any components to prolong the life of your computer and make it fill your requirements. See below for a non-exhaustive list of hardware upgrade and replacement we can perform for you.

Since January 14th, 2019, Windows 7 isn’t supported anymore by Microsoft. Your computer could be suitable for an upgrade to Windows 10. Windows 10 has frequent security patches released. Also, Windows 10 gets major upgrades twice a month. You may need assistance with this.

Some hardware replacement requires a fresh Windows 10 installation. Though Microsoft improved the installation of Windows, you may not have the time and the will to learn what settings does what. Contact us and we will install Windows 10 to your computer.

Due to security issues, bugs and improvements, programmers are constantly releasing new versions of their software. Also, new needs may require you to install new software. If you do not feel comfortable yourself, we will be happy to guide you for the best practice and even do it for you.

We always arrange our car MOT. Some may think of their health MOT. But who thinks of their computer MOT? These fragile machines need our attention every so often. Approach us if you want the Servicing Package for your computer.

Hardware upgrade and replacement

  • RAM memory upgrade
  • Graphique card upgrade
  • New printer installation
  • Faulty power supply repairs
  • Booting issue diagnostics (non-starting computer)
  • Cooling improvement
  • Hard drive data erasing
  • Component soldering

Software issue solving and maintenance

  • Virus and malware removal
  • Data recovery
  • BIOS/UEFI upgrade
  • Upgrade to Windows 10
  • Windows upgrades
  • Full system reinstallation
  • Booting issue diagnostics
  • Windows 10 installation
  • Antivirus installation
  • Software upgrades
  • Internet and WiFi problems

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