EasyJet Cyber Attack

You may have heard of the cyber attach that EasyJet experienced recently. You might wonder what you can do to protect yourself. We’ll briefly review the known facts and what steps you can take now.

The facts

  • The incident happened in January according to the BBC
  • 9 million people’s details were accessed including name, address, email and travel details
  • 2,208 people’s credit card details were accessed. It is unknown which details were stolen (between the 16-digit number on the front, the 3-digit CVV next to the signature, the expiry date, etc.)
  • EasyJet started to email some of their affected customers back in early April 2020

What to do

  • Go on EasyJet website and update your password
  • If you used the same password elsewhere, update your password on this/these website(s) too
  • Monitor your bank accounts, that you used to pay with for EasyJet flights, for any unusual transactions
  • Be aware of any phishing emails disguising themselves as EasyJet. If the email has misspellings, unusual grammar or a detail making you suspicious of the real identity, then ignore the email
  • These steps are essential for those clearly affected but are wise to follow for anyone who used EasyJet in the past

How to update your password

  • Top right corner, click on Your account details
  • In “My account details” block, under the third section “Password”, click on Edit
  • Enter your current password then enter your new password twice
  • Click the Confirm button
  • For an extra check, Sign out and Sign back in to ensure your new password works