Replacing motherboard on a Laptop Acer Aspire 5333

This laptop was donated to us with booting issue. Sometime it would power on, then shut itself down. Most of the time it would just not boot at all.

After a thorough diagnostic, it turned out that both the power button and the motherboard was dying. We managed to get a replacement part at a competitive price and get the laptop running again.

To access the motherboard and the power button, we had to take the laptop apart.

Once this was done, we were able to exchange the faulty parts to the replacement ones.

acer aspire 5333 motherboard replacement
The old motherboard on the right being replaced by the new one on the left.

Then we reassembled the essential parts and booted the laptop to ensure everything works. Working!

The laptop is now being loaned during the Pandemic restrictions to someone who needed something to work with.

Are you in this situation? Do you have a computer that doesn’t want to start? Give us a shout. We will assess the issue and see if it can be reasonably fixed.

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