Hardware Upgrade of the HP Mini 210-1100

You might remember the little HP netbook a friend let me worked on to speed it up? It turns out that it is not satisfactory for my friend. She was okay with Xubuntu but the netbook was still too slow and it became frustrating for her to use it. After discussing with her, she agreed for an hardware upgrade.

Upgrading the hardware

The RAM Module was of 1GB. It might seem enough but the minimum requirement for Windows 10 is already 2GB. This is the minimum requirement and would not provide the best user experience. You can see me replacing it on the picture

The hard drive was an Hitachi with capacity of 160GB running at 7200 RPM. Not bad but nothing in speed compare to an SSD even among the cheapest. On the picture, I’ve screwed the SSD back to the caddy ready to connect it back. This netbook is interesting, the hard drive/SSD caddy isn’t screwed to the shell but hold with 4 rubber pads. Once in place, it doesn’t seem to move.

Everything is installed, ready to put the back cover on and start to transfer the data from the old hard drive onto the new SSD.

Installing the Operating System

Windows 10 desktop view

After checking with the customer we agreed to give a go to Windows 10. I would expect to be slow at times but it should be usable.

Plugged the Windows 10 USB stick and get through the installation.

Once installed, I run a check how fast the netbook boots up to the Windows 10 desktop. Result: less than 1 minute! Not bad!

What is for you?

Would you also like to improve the speed of your computer? Contact me to see what we can do. If you can, please let me know the brand and model of your computer, laptop or netbook.

To decide if it is the best move, you can check the pros and cons of upgrading to an SSD.

Hope to do business with you!