Setting up an email address on a new computer

A friend got his new computer last week. As others would, he struggled to access his email address back on the Windows Mail App.

Not a problem, I went to his place yesterday and we logged on his computer.

Steps we undertook that he could access his personal and charity email addresses:

  1. Go on each webmail portal
  2. Reset his passwords with the security questions (he didn’t remember his passwords)
  3. Go on Windows Mail App
  4. Add the 2 email accounts (one on POP/IMAP settings the other with Windows Exchange)
  5. Check that both accounts do synchronise perfectly on the app

As extra, I set up his charity portal webpage as a shortcut on his Windows Task Bar and the Start Menu and set up his both email addresses on his Samsung Tablet.

I can assure you, after a little hour to set everything up, he was very happy.

Picture for illustration purposes only