Windows 10 November 2019 Update

Windows 10 started to receive its latest update 1909 or referred to the November 2019 Update since yesterday. This is part of Microsoft plan which release an upgrade of Windows 10 every 6 months. This is different from the monthly updates and security patches that we all receive. Let’s see what to expect.

WIndows 10 November 2019

This update should be optional for now and brings very few new features. If you are running on the 1903 update, you will have another 12 months before to be pushed to update your Windows 10. Also, having only a few new features is good news this time as it will likely come with fewer issues and bugs. The last few major release have not been a great experience for some and the last 2 upgrades were finally fully pushed out months after the official release date.

Hopefully, this time the user experience should better. To start with, the update should appear under your Settings > Update & Security when it is available for your computer.

The download and installation are fast (depending on your Internet of course) as the update file is relatively small.

What is new on this update?

  • Being able to create a new event on the calendar pop up when clicking on the time and date on the notification area.
  • A new button to manage the notification at the top of the control area for an easier access to its settings
  • The navigation panel within the start menu does now extend when mouse hovering
  • Each notification will let you access the notification settings to the related app, including an On/Off switch control
  • The search in the Windows Explorer now uses Windows Search and can find documents both stored locally and on the cloud (OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) depending on which cloud account is connected.
  • Small thumbnails have been added in the notifications settings to have a clearer view of what is a banner or action control

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