Stress Awareness

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This course is designed to give you an overview of stress awareness at work. You’ll see why stress occurs and how it can manifest itself physically and psychologically, and offer practical hints and tips on how to cope with the ever-increasing demands of the modern workplace. In this course, you will: Receive an introduction and overview of what stress is, how it can work against you and how to respond. See the different ways stress can affect you in the workplace and how you can deal with this. Get additional support information on dealing with work-related stress. The course is free of charge and was kindly developed by Foundation Skills. If you wish, you can buy your certificate of completion for a small fee. This… Read More »Stress Awareness

Free Course: Coronavirus Awareness Course

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This FREE online course has been created by e-learning WMB in response to the Pandemic 2020. The course will explain: What is COVID-19 How you can protect yourself and other What is self-isolation and why is it important Duration: 20 minutes

Mental Health Awareness

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This course is aimed to anyone. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: Understand what mental health issues are and the stigma attached to them Understand the different types of mental health illness Understand the relevance of empathy in supporting people with mental health issues Duration: 25 minutes